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‘Wonderfully tender to watch’: THE SPACE BETWEEN (Online review) ★★★★

This new musical short created by David Hunter and Caroline Kay makes a strong emotional impact.

There is no denying that this past few months has been difficult on everybody and as this heartfelt musical short shows it has had a massive impact on relationships.

But this lockdown has also provided a way for many to get creative – even when they haven’t met those who they have collaborated with as is the case with David Hunter and Caroline Kay, who relied on technology to create this show.

Highlighting the tensions between a couple during lockdown, The Space Between is richly emotional, offering real insight into both character’s perspectives despite it only being 13 minutes long.

Musically, there is so much to be enjoyed given its simplicity – songs such as ‘Are You Happy Now?’ shows how the lingering frustration over their argument lingers even while separated due to lockdown in an honest way. Meanwhile, ‘My Half of the Heart’ is really heartbreaking to listen to as she reveals what she wants from life. Musically, there are some really lovely contrasts and each song has been beautifully arranged by Nick Barstow (who also didn’t know Hunter and Kay!) to great effect that it pulls the audience into this short but sweet story.

Both Hunter and Kay offer lovely performances both vocally and characteristically – really grounded and believable throughout, making The Space Between feel very realistic that allows the audience to feel real sympathy and understanding for both characters.

This whole experience in the creation of The Space Between seems to reveal that thanks to technology and imagination, new theatre can still be created all the time – which offers a glimmer of hope in keeping the theatre industry alive during this difficult time.

Overall, The Space Between is wonderfully tender to watch, with the story and music lingering long after it is finished. It really is a lovely and unexpected piece of theatre.

By Emma Clarendon

The Space Between is available to watch through Youtube to help raise funds for the Theatre Artists Fund, the emergency fund for theatre workers in need of urgent support due to the coronavirus pandemic set up last month by theatre and film director Sam Mendes. Those wishing to donate can visit here.


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