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‘A great opportunity to spot up & coming talent’: New Moon Monologues – Begin Again (Online review)

The March edition of the monthly monologue series shows a great diversity in new writing.

Created by The Queens of Cups, this monthly monologue series highlights the work of emerging writers and is a great opportunity to spot some up and coming talent. In this March edition, the theme is ‘Begin Again’, tying in with National Women’s Month – so the stories, poetry and songs have a particular female resonance.

Each of the works on display have a diverse range of styles, not only in the way in which they have been written – but also the way in which they have been performed – showing great imagination and creativity. This can be seen when watching Plan B by Bianca Watkins, which has a feel of a short art house film style about it that really works with the poetic quality of the words.

Elsewhere, Jamie Lakritz’s Amissa is another standout piece of writing – filled with intensity, warmth and pain that really deserves to be explored in further detail. To explain what it is about would damage slightly just how involved you become in hearing this woman’s story emerging piece by piece in a fascinating and concise way. The way in which it is performed by Meryl Griffiths adds an extra layer of intimacy and depth to the monologue that is compelling to listen to.

This month’s stories that feature all feel deeply personal, moving and passionate – particularly heard through Lorna O’Dea’s Smile which really seems to resonate with everything that has been happening at the moment. There is a wonderful depth and thoughtfulness about the writing that makes it a stand out piece.

However, while each piece certainly does deserve its place here having ten in one episode seems a little bit much – and doesn’t give enough opportunity for many of them to breath as such. If the number of new works could be cut down slightly then it would make it easier to really absorb each piece of writing as well as allowing them to be developed slightly further. In particular, I would have loved to hear more of Aine King’s Going Back – which just as it was beginning to settle into a nice rhythm was cut off as was Jenet Le Lacheur’s But Two Months Dead.

This being said, this month’s New Moon Monologues features a lovely diverse range of stories, showcasing perfectly the range of talent that are still be able to create and tell stories during this time. It is worth catching if you can.

By Emma Clarendon

New Moon Monologues: Begin Again is set to premiere this Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets are available by visiting:


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