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Love London Love Culture offers her pick of the latest immersive online experiences

Wanting to enjoy some theatre with a twist? Here’s Love London Love Culture’s guide to five online immersive productions that you will want to have a look at…

Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure – The Case of the Hung Parliament: Les Enfants Terribles brings their unique flair and talent to the world of Sherlock Holmes in the company’s brand new online immersive experience.

Head back to Victorian London and explore this mysterious case, discovering over 100 clues along the way as you try and solve The Case of the Hung Parliament. Audiences will interview suspects, read reports and research old facts in this online free roaming, multi-sensory and intricate world.

Rubix Control: Taking place now until 20 February 2021, this sci-fi inspired show allows you to pick between the Alpha Track or the Omega Track – both are action-packed, but feature different puzzles and games for a new experience each time you play. Tickets are limited to 50 per performance of this unique escape room experience.

What a time to be alive! Finally, an intergalactic cruise called The Rubix has launched and is on its way to civilise Mars! With a loyal captain and a team of five “space settlers”, this new maiden voyage promises to be one for the history books. Unfortunately, you are an unpaid IT intern back on Earth.

But when the ship goes off course and loses connection with Mission Control, they turn to you. This is your moment. You must reprogram the AI and bring the mission to safety. But it won’t be easy. The Rubix is a twisting and turning modular ship, whose layout changes every few minutes, and there’s a saboteur in your midst, who you must identify before the clock runs out.

The House of Cenci, Parabolic Theatre: From the creators of Crisis, What Crisis? and For King and Country comes this new mysterious show. Taking place from 15 February uncover family secrets as you explore the castle ruins to uncover the events of a harrowing tale by solving puzzles. It combines a free-roaming text adventure with live performance on Zoom.

Count Francesco Cenci was a tyrant; his daughter a victim and a murderer. Based on the true story which inspired centuries of retellings by artists from Percy Bysshe Shelley to Antonin Artaud, creator of the Theatre of Cruelty, The House of Cenci exposes an awful tragedy and the slow procession towards disaster.

The Kindling Hour, Swamp Motel: just announced, this third instalment following on from Plymouth Point and The Mermaid’s Tongue will see audiences in the attempt to bring down the London Stone Consortium once and for all.

But who is the anonymous source trying to recruit you? How can you identify the true enemy? Who can you trust?

With every click they could be drawing closer, so you’ll have to think fast and rely on each other to stay one step ahead. Hack the system. Crack the codes. Find their weakness, before they find you.

The clock is ticking, The Kindling Hour approaches… it’s time for you to reveal the truth…

Undercover, Morpheus: Morpheus has created a show which brings together friends and strangers as they attempt to embark on a dangerous mission.

It is up to you, the audience of this thrilling, interactive, hilarious adventure, to discover the answers and do your country proud…But keep your wits about you – the desert at night does strange things to the brain, and nothing is quite as it seems!

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