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‘Every element has been slickly put together’: Sherlock Holmes An Online Adventure – The Case of the Hung Parliament (Online review) ★★★★★

This new experience from the team behind Alice’s Adventures Underground really gets audiences brains working in this clever and innovative production.

The longer that lockdown and the lack of live theatre continues, theatre companies are going to extra lengths to provide entertainment for people at home to enjoy.

Les Enfants Terribles is one such company as its latest offering inspired by the adventures of Sherlock Holmes really puts the audience in the centre of the mystery by getting them to find clues to discover who has exactly been killing the top politicians in parliament and to prevent the murder of the prime minister – means that the game is afoot!

Using technology created by virtual reality company LIVR, the experience literally invites the audience to hunt for clues to be found on each of the crime scenes as well as interrogating the suspects and discovering how each of them are connected to the deceased.

Written by Oliver Lansley and Anthony Spargo, the story is surprisingly intricate and makes you grateful that you are in a team to help solve this puzzling mystery. In particular, the ability to click on clues and see them a little closer up is a big help – as dates and all sorts of little details really help to piece it all together.

Every element has been slickly put together making the whole experience very smooth and enjoyable from start to finish, with the help of Dr Watson (Rosalind McAndrew for this performance). Filled with plenty of opportunity for interaction – but not at all pushy in anyway, it is a very relaxed and down to earth show even with certain time constraints. The only thing I would say would be that it would be lovely to have more time to be able to interact with the suspects and feel even more involved with that respect.

This being said, it is clear that Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure The Case of the Hung Parliament gets the balance of giving the audience freedom to explore while ensuring that the mission and story is not derailed in anyway. The whole thing has been cleverly put together to create a genuinely fun experience but also puts brains to good use along the way.

The use of technology and imagination have been put to good use and The Case of the Hung Parliament is highly recommended for anyone looking to keep occupied during this time in an entertaining way.

By Emma Clarendon

Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure ‘The Case of the Hung Parliament’ by Les Enfants Terribles is now booking until 4 April 2021.

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