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‘One of the best online immersive entertainments out there’: THE INQUEST (Online review)

Guest reviewer: Joshua Thompson

The word ‘Lockdown’ has become a part of society to the British public over the past 10 months. It is a word that has forced people to ‘Stay at home’ to ‘protect the NHS’. ‘Lockdown’ has also become synonymous with the closure of theatre and live entertainment, leaving many out of work. This new way of life has forced theatre to become imaginative in its way of creating content for the public at home.

The Inquest is a fully immersive online show and is a loose sequel to the award-winning production Jury Duty. As guests are welcomed into the online forum, a video is shown ‘reminding’ people about the new law brought in that all cold cases need to be finally assessed by a coroner before being written off, and an independent panel of civilians are required to assist in this decade old case before it is closed for good.

Without giving anything away, this production is nothing short of genius. The ingenuity of the technology, paired with the many different interactive aspects, with superb acting on top from both The Coroner (Joe Ball) and The Archivist (Tom Black).

A production with continued twists and turns, with many different possibilities, working together with other audience members to ensure that the correct outcome is achieved. The level of detail in this piece is quite simply stunning and is not only one of the best online entertainment out there, but quite frankly, one of the best immersive shows to have graced the London scene.

The Inquest is performed Monday-Wednesday evenings at 6pm and 8:15pm.

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