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‘An absurdist piece of mischief’: I STOLE SATAN’S GIRLFRIEND – Thornhill Theatre Space (Online review)

Scott McQuaid’s short play premiered on the virtual Thornhill Theatre Space. At just 14 minutes, I Stole Satan’s Girlfriend feels more like a television comedy sketch than a fully-fledged play, but has moments that amuse.

As a regular guy, Dan (played with a light nervous energy by Bryan Tiang) meets a flashy girl, Lucinda (a vibrant Lara Alyssa) on a park bench, their chat soon leads them back to his place and a moment under the covers.

When they wake, the world has started an apocalypse, which Lucinda blithely bats away as: “My ex-boyfriend is pissed and he’s taking it out on the world.” The ex, as the title suggests, is none other than Satan, the Devil himself (played by a tongue in cheek, eye-lined Aniq Durar).

In this absurdist piece of mischief, can Dan persuade Lucinda to do the right thing, get back in Satan’s good books, and stop the world from being destroyed?

As this is virtual theatre, I was thrown by constant audience laughter, unsure whether it was real or canned. Perhaps I am no longer used to hearing any sound from theatre viewers in a world where most live performance is still on pause? In any case, such laughter makes I Stole Satan’s Girlfriend have the feel of an American sitcom episode.

McQuaid directs as well as writes, utilising two locations and three actors well enough to keep the action moving. This show gets a nod for not making Satan into the comedy red horns and tail type we have seen too many times, and for making Lucifer into a striking lady devil.

It’s worth a look, and you can access it for just $3 through a private Facebook or YouTube link. For more information and to book, go here.

Thornhill Theatre Space, set up in 2020 by Ryan Thornhill, ran a Virtual Fringe Festival last summer, and shows from that, plus other projects, can be found on their Facebook page.

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