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‘You may want to sleep with the light on afterwards’: ETERNAL – Darkfield Radio (Online review)

Darkfield Radio is back with a new show, this time for one person, in bed. It is just as creepy as the others, using a soundscape through headphones to give you the shivers.

Are you safe in your bed? Do you recognise the sounds in your house in the dark? What would it take to make you open the door? Eternal asks all these questions as a strange body is beside you, a strange voice whispering in your ear.

Even the most regular of sounds: a tapping pipe, a ticking clock, a barking dog outside, the rustle of the pillow under your head, turn sinister by suggestion. Close your eyes, lie on your back in bed in a dark room, and anything can happen.

As we were with Visitors, the setting quickly switches to that of the supernatural, with an ominously closed door and noises you won’t want to investigate. The voice in your ear shares his story: the haunted; the haunter; the hunted; the hunter. And you, as audience, are both observer and confederate.

Eternal runs at 10pm, the time creaks begin in the house and strange sounds take place outside. Those dog barks, tree branch scratches. Chilling stuff, ably delivered in stereo surround. You may want to sleep with the light on after hearing this – if you can sleep at all!

Eternal can be booked as a standalone event for £5 or together in a package with Double and Visitors for £30. It runs twenty minutes from an app and is best experienced through headphones. The show is available until 2 January 2021.


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