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‘Slick & expertly formulated in every way’: SHERLOCK IN HOMES: MURDER AT THE CIRCUS – Sharp Teeth (Online review)

Head to the circus in this new and fun-filled Sherlock Holmes adventure.

Ever wanted to put your detective skills to the test? Then this new and immensely entertaining show will hit all the right buttons as you team up with other audience members to solve the horrific murder of Bubbles the Clown.

The whole premise of the show is to interview five suspects, all of whom have got their own reasons for wanting to get rid of the clown. But while there is a general plot and perhaps script, there is no telling what questions the audience will ask, meaning that the talented cast are constantly kept on their toes.

Written by Peter Baker, who has previously worked at the Agatha Christie Estate, there are plenty of twists and turns that keep the audience effectively guessing from start to finish. Yet, while the story is for the most part suspenseful, there are also moments of humour to be found in the script that ensures the show is also kept entertaining along the way.

There is also great attention paid to detail throughout different aspects of Stephanie Kempson’s production that ensures that the audience are thoroughly engaged from start to finish. It is slick and expertly formulated in every way – right down to the costumes. The audience is given enough time with each suspect to really formulate and explore each character’s motivations – without it getting tiresome.

All of the cast (Peter Baker, Alice Lamb, Lucy Harrington, Andrew Kelly and Eleanor Nawa) offer very diverse performances, while taking every question that the audience throw at them in their stride – capturing just how impressive improvisation can be.

Perhaps the only thing that I would say is that it just lacks that intensity towards the end when you are asked to cast your final vote as to who has committed the murder. This being said, as an experience it really allows the audience to connect with the actors in a way that perhaps would be difficult to achieve with a show like this in an actual theatre. The structure of the show really works for digital theatre and feels like a bonding experience for everyone involved.

Overall, this was a divertingly fun way to spend the evening, particularly as you and your team approach how to get the suspects talking in different ways. Perfect entertainment for a budding detective.

By Emma Clarendon

Sherlock in Homes: Murder at the Circus will be performing on the 10th,11th, 17th and 18th October. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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