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NEWS: Small Truth Theatre launches the Digital Caravan Theatre second season of audio plays

Small Truth Theatre’s Digital Caravan Theatre 2 will be launched on on 17 October 2020, its second collection of 15-minute audio plays, all available to download for free and BSL interpreted.

The company’s first series, September Skies by Jessica Butcher, Enough by Abi Zakarian and Spirit Of Carnival by Emma Dennis-Edwards, received the OnComm award from the Off-West End Awards (Offies).

For the second series the company has worked with its partners the Royal Borough of Greenwich and The University of Hertfordshire.

Enjoy listening while out for a walk or in the comfort of your own home, says Small Truth TheatreThe Digital Caravan Theatre will bring the most exciting theatre makers straight to your ears.

Yasmeen Arden, artistic director of Small Truth Theatre said:

“Following our award-winning first series, we are so excited to be sharing three brand new micro audio plays. These incredible plays have strong themes of empowerment and finding who we are in these unsettling times. The writing is extraordinary, our teams of amazing directors and actors are overwhelmingly brilliant, and we hope you enjoy our new collection.”

The three plays of the Digital Caravan Theatre’s second collection are:

Writer and actress babirye bukilwa and director Miranda Cromwell


Written by and starring babirye bukilwa, directed by Miranda Cromwell with sound design by Nicola Chang.

Water is everywhere throughout our lives; it flows around us and waves at us from the shores. Inspired by the banks of Greenwich & Woolwich, Babirye writes about a mother and daughter who live their lives against the backdrop of water.

Writer/actor babirye bukilwa said: “I wanted to work on this project, and I jumped at the invitation. Writing for audio has been really exciting because I’ve really got to play with the pictures I paint and how exactly I paint them. I got to conduct an orchestra almost, a really freeing experience.

“A coming of age ode, plus a young womxn’s experience of having a single parent, plus Black joy, plus freedom, plus chains, plus beginnings, plus endings plus the middle. All of it. None of it. As long as you feel something.”

Writer Jessica Butcher, actress Danusia Samal and director Chris Sonnex


Written by Jessica Butcher, starring Danusia Samal, directed by Chris Sonnex with sound design by Nicola Chang.

When a busker discovers the story of “Greenwich Time Lady” Ruth Belville, she can’t help thinking about what time means to her, whether in the tick of the clock or the beat of her song, maybe now is her time!

Director Chris Sonnex commented: “Theatre is a right, something that we need as humanity that can show us different worlds, enable change and empathy, entertain and move, inform and teach. Right now we need theatre, in whatever guise that is, because it’s such an important (and viable) art form.

“It is as important if it gets hundreds of people in a giant theatre or one person in a caravan. I’m overjoyed to be able to create work for this brilliant company that has heart and soul as its guiding light and knows the power of small audiences, I hope the work we create in your ears moves your heart and your soul.”

Writer Chloe Todd Fordham, director Yasmeen Arden, actresses Tanya Loretta Dee and Safiyya Ingar


Written by Chloe Todd Fordham, starring Tanya Loretta Dee and Safiyya Ingar, directed by Yasmeen Arden with sound design by Nicola Chang.

Student and single mum Aurora is about to meet her inner rage and go on a journey of a lifetime. She confronts her past and in doing so discovers more than she ever imagined, maybe you will too…

Sound designer Nicola Chang.

Actor Tanya Loretta Dee added: “I am so excited to be working with Small Truth Theatre! I listened to all of their stories from the previous programme and I fell in love! I’m so excited to be a part of this company which is currently championing digital storytelling by sharing very real, bold, brave and truthful stories, created from the heart. The piece I am performing in is a beautifully written, raging-howl to society; I cannot wait to share it.”

These three beautiful audio plays will be launched on 17 October and will be available to download for FREE from The Caravan Theatre website (, on Small Truth Theatre’s website ( and also will be available on the company’s YouTube channel and via the Digital Caravan Theatre podcast on BuzzSprout. All of these audio plays within the collection will also be accompanied with British Sign Language (BSL) translation.

The support of Royal Borough of Greenwich, University of Hertfordshire and the Arts Council England has enabled Small Truth Theatre to offer these audio plays for free so they are open and welcoming to all to listen to – encouraging non- theatre going audiences to experience the absolute best of new writing plays online from some of our most exciting, urgent and relevant voices in the UK.

Small Truth Theatre is an award-winning theatre company based in North Kensington. The collective is proud of its working-class roots and gives priority to working-class artists and seldom heard stories, “seeking the extraordinary in moments of truth that often go unseen”.

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