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‘Develops into an intriguing & sinister plot’: CLOSE YOUR EYES, I’M FILMING – Greedy Pig Theatre Company

The Greedy Pig Theatre Company’s latest production Close Your Eyes, I’m Filming follows an up and coming vlogger. All relationships have their up and downs. Yet for Daisy (Sam Cattee) and Nathan’s (Matt Rawlings) their relationship is put to the test as every detail of theirs is documented daily for Daisy’s Vlog.

The hour-long filmed production is set on a vlogger’s platform throughout the entire performance. Each day starting with the soundtrack ‘Daisy’s Jingle’ written by James Millichap. It begins quite slowly and it isn’t particularly clear what the storyline is going to be about at first. However, the storyline develops into an intriguing and sinister plot.

As strange events start to take place in their home, for example the photo frame that appears to have fallen upside down, watch it to see what I mean. Daisy begins to feel that there is another force sharing the couple’s home. With that in mind, they install a CCTV camera in the corner of their bedroom in an attempt to capture the obscure events.

These incidents become clear as they discover Nathan’s nocturnal condition, sleepwalking. Things become fraught as the vlog ratings soar and Nathan doesn’t feel comfortable and decides that he no longer wants to be the main topic of her daily discussions. Without him is Daisy interesting enough to hold the attention of her audience?

Real life couple actors Sam and Matt give a brilliant performance as the young couple in love. Their chemistry and body language is excellent and during these difficult times it has allowed this production to be made.

The pressure for Daisy and Nathan though begins to build up and what becomes of their future is left in the mind of the viewers to decide.

Please use the link below to watch this film and check out other work created by the company. If you would be in a position to donate any money to them it would be very much appreciated.

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