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‘A flawless piece of work’: WAIT FOR ME (Online review) ★★★★★

This new dance musical beautifully captures life as seen through the eyes of one couple and the angels who bring them together.

Written by Sam Cassidy, Wait for Me is a brand new dance musical with an ethereal quality about it that makes for poignant viewing.

The story begins as two angels are torn apart and placed in charge of the souls of two humans, who they bring together. Thanks to Ainsley Ricketts’ beautifully emotive choreography, the audience is drawn into Jack and Emma’s unfolding story and relationship completely from the joyous romantic beginning to through the pain and heartache that they suffer along the way.

At just 50 minutes long, the piece has an intensity about it that can on occasion sit at odds with the sincerity and rawness of the story unfolding – particularly during the middle section in which grief and anger take centre stage. Yet, despite this Wait for Me does flow along beautifully not only choreography wise but also musically thanks to Cassidy’s tender score.

Cassidy’s delicate score really captures the characters and the emotions that they go through – highlighted wonderfully well during the romance of the meeting between Jack and Emma, while also being able to take a darker tone when tragedy strikes. Meanwhile, the songs themselves are equally dainty and heartfelt – complementing the choreography and story well as seen in the final moments of the show.

The whole piece has been expertly directed by Ricketts to ensure that an intimate feel is maintained throughout, while Nick Ross’ cinematography beautifully blends wide camera shots with more close up shots to ensure the piece maintains its focus.

Meanwhile, the dancers themselves Ricketts, Chrissy Brooke, Clarice Lanta Lilly and Jaih Betote) bring the story to life vividly and with such expression it is difficult not to be swept away by it all. The songs are also performed with great grace and charm by Eloise Davies and Bluey Robinson.

This is such a flawless piece of work that captures the diversity of talent in the theatre and arts industry – and a strong reminder of what we have to lose if things don’t start happening for theatres soon.

By Emma Clarendon

Wait for Me is available to watch online via INPLAYER , a secure pay-per-view hosting site  that will be accessible via a link on the ‘WaitForMeLive’ Facebook page. It costs £10 to view.


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