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‘It’s so innovative & exciting’: Squad Goals actress Charlotte Payne is telling Essex stories in a positive way

Emma Clarendon chatted to the actress about starring in Squad Goals, which began performances at the Dagenham & Redbridge Football Ground this week.

Hi, thanks so much for talking to me. Could you explain what Squad Goals is about?
Squad Goals is about two rival five-aside female football teams who battle it out to see who might get the opportunity to get scouted. It’s all about girl power! About breaking down stereotypes, empowering women and people from working class backgrounds who are constantly told growing up that there are restrictions on what they can do with their lives.

How does it feel to be bringing theatre to audiences in this way?
It feels amazing bringing theatre to an audience in this way because we want theatre to be for everyone, we want everyone to feel represented and included in the theatre experience.

What was it about the story that made you want to be involved with this production?
The idea of Essex stories being told in a positive way really made me want to be a part of this production. Too often the Essex stereotype is presented as a grotesque caricature whereas, being from Essex myself, I want people to understand that we are real people with real stories to tell.

How are you finding the experience of working on Squad Goals so far?
I am loving the experience of working on Squads Goals so far. It’s so innovative and exciting and I feel super safe and really supported as an actor performing under Covid regulations.

Could you tell me more about the character that you play?
I play the character Scrappy Doo, she’s an absolute firecracker who is obsessed with football and supporting her local team – Dagenham and Redbridge. All she wants is a girl from the local area to get an opportunity within the footballing world to help put Dagenham on the map for a good reason and to portray Essex girls in a great light.

What are you most looking forward to about being part of Squad Goals?
The thing I’m most looking forward to about being in Squad Goals is having younger people from Essex to see the show and realise there’s no limits – work hard and you can succeed in whatever you put your mind to.

By Emma Clarendon

Squad Goals will play at the Dagenham & Redbridge Football Ground until 10 October 2020.

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