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When to touch was to heal. At a time when shaking hands feels like a distant memory, Bren Gosling’s play, inspired by a symbolic act of taboo-breaking compassion, has defied its own challenges to transform from acclaimed stage production to film. Watch the trailer and find out more. 

Gosling’s play was due to run at the Tristan Bates Theatre in early summer. Together with director Nicky Allpress and producer Paul Coleman, he worked to create a unique theatre/film hybrid production made within the restrictions of lockdown.

Moment of Grace is set in 1987. Princess Diana’s landmark visit to a London AIDS ward has sparked world-wide interest, with camera crews and a televised interview. But AIDS remains taboo. Even being seen to work on this ward could cost you everything. To change public misconceptions, would you have risked it?

Told through the eyes of Jude, a nurse on the ward, Andrew, a patient, and Donnie, a fireman estranged from his son, this ground-breaking new play Moment of Grace tells how the Princess’s visit brought critical attention to AIDS awareness through empathy and acts of kindness. At a time when we are wary of coming in contact with each other, it is the story of the power of a handshake.

Lucy Walker Evans, Luke Dayhill and Andrew Paul star in the production, which was filmed during lockdown using a sanitised smartphone camera and basic kit couriered between performers.

Gosling and Allpress have been supported by the National HIV Story Trust in turning their vision of a stage show into a film, with a grant from The SE Franklin Trust. The National HIV Story Trust is a UK charity, which aims to preserve and tell the story of those affected by the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s.

For more information about Moment of Grace, follow the show’s Twitter and Facebook channels.

Watch the new Moment of Grace trailer:


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