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‘Charmingly quirky’: Amélie The Musical ★★★★★ (Album review) The Musical

This charmingly quirky musical is captured wonderfully on this newly released cast recording.

Having already managed to charm audiences first at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury before a UK tour that included a run at London’s The Other Palace Theatre, Amélie’s magic continues to cast a spell on this lovely sounding London Cast Recording.

Get all social media for AMELIE & its cast on

Get all social media for AMELIE & its cast on

Featuring music and lyrics by Nathan Tysen and Daniel Messé, this musical manages to capture not only the variety of characters and personalities Amélie encounters but also the story itself. Through every track, strands of the story are so effortlessly intertwined with the music ensuring that everyone is fully following the story from start to finish.

But equally, the music and lyrics are filled with a variety of styles making each song sound unique and distinctive. In particular, songs such as ‘Tour de France’ and ‘Goodbye Amélie’ incorporate a wonderful mixture of genres to ensure that the bohemian vibe of the stage production is maintained.

Elsewhere, it is also a musical that is filled with heart and charm, with songs such as ‘Window Seat’ and ‘How to Tell Time’ are really enjoyable numbers that are understated. It is not a big, powerful musical but rather delicate in style which makes Amélie as a musical a real breath of fresh air.

Throughout it all, the cast provide some lovely harmonies as heard on ‘The Bottle Drops’ or on ‘Going Round in Circles’ – each filled with personality that draws you into Amélie’s world and the people in it effectively. But it is Audrey Brisson (Amélie) and Chris Jared’s (Nino) lovely duets such as ‘Half Asleep’ and ‘Stay’ for example that add depth and believability at their character’s developing relationship.

It may not have the power of some other musicals around, but Amélie the Musical is a really lovely breath of fresh air, filled with originality and charm. This is an understated but playful cast recording that really makes you long to see it back on stage again – but until then relish in the magic of the music.

By Emma Clarendon

Amélie the musical London Cast recording is available to buy now.


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